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I’d love to be your guide on your journey to truth, wisdom and healing. Are you ready for more of yourself?

An Awakening
Coaching Session

Are you CURIOUS? 

Are you hearing the call for MORE? 

Are you ready to begin to HEAL and AWAKEN your life and step towards living in ALIGNMENT with your deepest soul desires?


If this feels like a full-body YES for you, I’d be honoured to be your Guide on that Journey. 

Helping women heal, see and awaken to their own greatness is my superpower and what I’ve guided women towards for over two decades in my massage therapy and energy healing wellness practice. Helping women is what sets my heart and soul on fire


This journey will lead you to live a more aware, awakened and connected life that is the truth of your own greatness. 



Utilizing a combination of guided breath work, Mayson Method energy healing, reflective journaling, soul and mindset coaching I will guide you on an inward journey that will enable you to begin to access, see and clear the inner space and open the doors of your mind, body, and soul to the MORE that you desire. 

Each virtual session is 90 minutes in length and cost is $250 CAD.

Friendly curly haired woman smiling while writing in journal
Friendly smiling woman holding a ball of fairy lights

Reach Out to Me

I can't wait to hear from you!

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