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"The Mayson Method is a reliable, safe, painless technique that can quite literally release blocking belief systems, past traumas, symptoms of physical and emotional pain, illness, allergies, anxiety and so much more."

Karen Mayson

What is the
Mayson Method?

The Mayson Method is a special + incredibly powerful technique for transforming + releasing emotional blocks, pain, despair + other negative emotions. You can recover your actual, limitless, fully-possible being by letting go of the trauma + limiting ideas. 

You will be led by Sharon to set the intention for the changes you want to make in your life during your Mayson Method Soul Session. Sharon, as your Mayson Method Practitioner accesses what has fallen out of balance by using the incredibly powerful technique of energy testing, commonly known as applied kinesiology. Sharon is then able to determine what needs to be released or rebalanced from a wide range of potential outcomes. When something is out of balance, such as emotions, bodily systems, beliefs, addictions, ancestral patterns, etc., it can be readily determined through energy testing.

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As a Mayson
Method Practioner,

I am a born healer & helper, I have incorporated energy healing + The Mayson Method into my life over the last 25 years, keeping my mind, body + soul in balance while I healed + helped others throughout my 22-year registered massage therapy + Bowen therapy practice in Cobourg, ON. 

Sharon's mission

is to empower + support women in their healing journey on every level of their being. With her extensive experience + diverse training, Sharon possesses a special gift for creating personalized Mayson Method Soul Sessions.


These remote sessions combine the healing modalities of The Mayson Method + when intuitively guided may incorporate Breath Work, Soul + Life Coaching. Through these tailored sessions, Sharon helps each woman live her whole, healthy + most Audacious life. 

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Book a Session

Personalized Mayson Method Soul Session
  • Includes a 15 minute introductory phone call

  • Full session including energy clearing is completed via email + voice recording

$160 CAD + TAX
Reach Out
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Have any questions?

Reach out to me +

I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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Are you ready to begin your healing journey?

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