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International Women's Day: Reflection, Celebration, and Gratitude

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Hello Beautiful! 


My most favourite day of the entire year. 

For me it’s better than Christmas, my birthday or even my first kayak paddle of the season! 

It is almost International Women’s Day 👯👯👯👯

A very very long time ago, when I was in my 20’s I didn’t know that International Women’s Day existed. It wasn’t on my radar or anywhere in my knowledge til one March 8th a young, brilliant female lawyer I was working with at the time received a massive beautiful bouquet of flowers on International Women’s Day. I asked who the flowers were from, fully thinking they were from a secret admirer. 

Nope, she told me they were from her MOM. She went on to share with me that her MOM had celebrated International Women’s Day for many many years, always marking the day with extra thought, care, and attention for the women in her circles. 

That day, those flowers, that conversation, that new awareness, was life changing for me. I felt it, deep deep deep inside of me. I wondered how had this day NOT been on my radar or my heart or on the calendar of my life? How come the matrilineal women in my life didn’t celebrate or even talk of this important day? Why didn’t any women in my life talk about this day? It opened my heart. It pulled my soul and it put a pin on the calendar of my year that hadn’t been there 📌

Each year since I have made International Women’s Day special. 

How do you Celebrate International Women’s Day? 

Do you celebrate it at all or is it just another March 8? 

Do you attend local women’s celebration gathering? 

Do you watch all the highlights on the news and social media? 

Do you think of your female ancestors and their ancestors and the struggles and strife they endured so you and I could live freer than they did? 

I celebrate International Women’s Day it in lots of different ways. Sometimes by attending events that celebrate women, other times by sending notes of thanks and saying "hi" and "happy International Women’s Day" as I move through my day. I also really love hearing International Women’s Day stories from other parts of the World. Did you know that in parts of Africa International Women’s Day is a actually HOLIDAY!!!! (I am all for that holiday!) And that Ethiopian Airlines fully staffs its planes with women pilots, co-pilots, and other female crew on International Women’s Day. They announce it to all the passengers and thank each woman on each flight on every International Women’s Day. Amazing!!! 

Showing Gratitude for Women Around the World

International Women’s Day always makes me cry 😭

As I’m writing this and sharing these stories with you I am crying. 

I cry tears of gratitude for every woman who has changed the World for all the women walking on it now, and I cry for the many many women still living lives in war, poverty, and oppression all around this World.  I pray that they receive and are lifted up by the prayers, caring, words, and voices of women globally on International Women’s Day 🙌

I love dreaming of a time in the future when we no longer need a day to celebrate and bring into awareness Women’s movements, growth, challenges, oppressions, and greatness here on Earth. But til then, I will spend time sitting in deep reflection and gratitude for the women who have walked life before me, in my ancestral line and anywhere on this planet. Women whose walk has made my walk gentler and easier. I hold such gratitude for all who have knowingly and - like my lawyer friend’s mother - unknowingly impacted my one audacious womanly life. I am so grateful that THERE ARE SO MANY amazing women who have impacted my life. Some I know well, some not so well and many I’ve never met. They have each been changemakers in me and for me.

So as this post lands into your orbit I hope it will speak to you - whether you are a woman or a man. 

I hope it will make you pause, reflect, and find gratitude for the women who have impacted your life. 

I hope it will have you reflect on the walk they walked in their one audacious life to make your life walk easier. 

I hope it guides you to celebrate ALL the women in and around your life on International Women’s Day, whether that is by buying flowers, sending a text, saying hello, or sending a prayer up for all women, especially for those women who have departed your life but who have impacted it in so many ways; and

I hope this post has put a pin in this day on your calendar and in your heart forevermore 💙 

If this share tugs at your heart and has you desiring to gather with women in gratitude and wisdom sharing circles please let me know. I’m beginning a waitlist of women who desire to gather in monthly Women’s Circles. Some will be offered in person around the province of Ontario, others will be online. 

And, if you desire to gather your own group of women together for a Women’s Circle I am thrilled to share that I will come to you to help you create a magical Women’s Circle Gathering with your women! I would love to travel to you! 

As I sign off I am celebrating YOU and all women globally and in the spirit realm on this International Women’s Day eve 🙌


Sharon xo



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