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Experiencing Authentic Joy

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Now this is a crazy story that will leave you with a very interesting ponder…

When I was writing my morning Letter From Loves the other day I was struck with an intuitive message to shift the branding in the bio of my social channels to “Guiding women on a journey inward to find, heal, love + reclaim HER JOY”. Instead of reclaim HER SELF. I had no idea where this was leading me and wondered “oh God am I going to now be a person who only posts about joyful things?” But because I live life by my intuitive nudges and messages I went into my socials and adjusted my bio. I was trusting because these messages are always my truth.

About an hour later I was listening to the next chapter of The Presence Process, a book I am reading, listening to and living right now.

Have you heard of The Presence Process? The Coles Notes version of it would be: that it’s a 10 week committed living practice where I have a dedicated conscious-connected breath work practice twice daily for 15 minutes each. I have a mantra that I focus to and hold for the entire week. Throughout each day and night I am committed to feeling all the emotions that come up within me (instead of my life-long habit of burying them) and I feel them. I don’t add a story or emotion. I just feel. And as I’m feeling, if I can, I trace the emotions that I’m feeling back to the first 7-10 years of my life when I first felt the same emotions. The tracing has nothing to do with any event or any person - its all about when I first recall feeling that feeling and now fully processing the unfelt emotions that are scientifically proven to cause dis-ease in the body. Let me tell you, this process is not for the faint of heart 💙

Anyhooooo….. within the chapter of this week’s journey were the words “we define joy as the pursuit of happiness… but experiencing authentic joy isn’t just about feeling good, it’s about feeling everything”


JOY is not just feeling the really high vibrational emotions of love appreciation, enthusiasm, happiness, freedom, passion and others that I was originally led to believe (according to Google-able Emotional Guidance Scale).

Suddenly it made SO MUCH SENSE why I received the intuitive message to shift the bio from reclaim HER SELF to reclaim HER JOY. Because as I dive so much deeper into my awakening journey and support so many women in theirs, I am led so clearly to see that awakening only happens through feeling everything. The awakening does not happen through thinking or knowing anything. Awakening is feeling and AUTHENTIC JOY is FEELING EVERYTHING!

So as I process this new definition of JOY and begin to embody it within my life I wanted to share it with you and invite you to think about doing it too.

As you travel through your days can you seek JOY in the things you didn’t used to feel were joy-ful? Where is there joy in sadness, joy in grief, joy in worry, joy in anger, joy in guilt, joy in despair?

That is the question I’m traveling along with these days through The Presence Process and through my awakening journey.

If you’re ready to begin to see joy differently and begin to awaken to your life, there are so many ways that I can support you: a solo Awakening Session where we’ll spend 90 minutes diving into your life. The Soul Sessions where we’ll spend 4 weeks working one-on-one with weekly calls + voice + text support. Or get on the wait list for my next Audacious Awakening 12-week Group Coaching Program where, in a community of women just like you, you will be supported on a soul dive into your own awakening journey with journaling, breath work, coaching tools and community.

Click the links above to learn more about each, and stay tuned here and on my social channels for more audacious goodness.


Sharon xo



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