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Setting Self-Care Summer Intentions

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Hello Beautiful! I’m back and IT’S SUMMER!!! 😎

You know how I know? Because I took my inaugural chunky dunk 2 weeks ago! (Chunky dunk because I have never and will never be skinny 😉)

So even if the summer solstice is still 2 weeks away I’ve started the summer party early and I invite you to pull up a sun lounger, slather on your SPF, and join me here in the summertime vibe 😎

Another thing I invite you to do is take about 15 minutes of your precious time to sit quietly and ponder: "HOW DO I WANT MY SUMMER TO GO?"

Months of Mindset Manifestation

Sit quietly.

Take a few deep breaths into your heart and soul.

Then begin to imagine... it’s the end of September... summer is ending and there’s a slight bite of fall in the air.

Now shift your focus to how are you FEELING about your summer of 2023?

What did you do? Where did you go? Who did you see? Did you travel or stay home? Did you spend time in nature or on your porch? Did you eat yummy summertime food? Was your summer quiet or crazy busy? What aspects of summer did you savour, REALLY SAVOUR? Like a fresh picked June strawberry kind of savour? 🍓


Imagine the feeling. Imagine the energy of the feeling. Is it uplifting, fun, vibrant? Or is it lower, heavier + perhaps regret-filled?

What did you imagine that you did that felt so good you wanted more of it? You wanted to savour it? 🍓

What did you imagine that you did that didn’t feel good and left you wishing you’d done less of?

Reflecting on a Season of Self-Care

By taking time now to reflect how you want to feel when the summer of 2023 is over, you can come back to this NOW moment and plan your summertime based on those feelings.

Are you saying YES to things you want to say YES to?

Are you saying NO to things you want to say NO to?

And are you saying yes to your no’s? Meaning when you say NO that’s it, it’s a no and it’s done. The decision is made.

OR are you waffling in the should I, shouldn’t I, what will they think, what will they say, what will they feel that I said no and what will I miss?

Your NO was true and heartfelt for you. The end.

Yes that is a YES to your NO.

In reflecting, can you FEEL in you the elevation of your energy that you wish in your heart and soul you had done more of? It feels yummy and juicy and it feels like you want to say “MORE please”. You want to SAVOUR YOUR SUMMER 🍓 And more importantly, you can feel what you wish you’d done less of. It feels lower, regret-filled, maybe tiring or exhausting.

You are the creator of your summertime! It is a very valuable and limited time of our year. This is your invitation to create this valuable time wisely. To leave space. To leave room for last minute add ons, for quiet time, for what sets your summer soul on fire and to say NO to the rest (even if others aren’t happy with your NO - and here’s a gentle reminder: you are not responsible for the reactions of others, they are).

I want to know what you are doing this summer so tag me in your social posts! And if you need support in creating your Audacious Summer or clarity in your yes’s and/or no’s, shoot me a DM and I’ll be happy to support you further.

For more audacious life tips be sure to follow my socials (linked below)!

Till next week,


Sharon xo

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