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The Journey from Woo-Woo to Wisdom

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Some call it woo-woo and there was a time I did too. Until I began to live a life of curiosity. I began to live my life learning and experiencing first, then deciding if what I learned and experienced was right and in alignment for me. That is how my woo-woo journey began. And it began with massage therapy because I used to think it was woo-woo too. Did you too? (you don’t know what you don’t know ‘til you know) 🤷‍♀️

If you’ve been in my company or been following along on my socials, you’ve seen me share many, many times about the energy healing that I have experienced and am now a practitioner of. I’m here to share a little bit more about my journey with it. And, going forward you’ll see me sharing the energy healing journeys of my clients, too (with their permission, of course).

Where My Healing Journey Began

I was introduced to energy healing 20 years ago by a client who was a conservative, construction worker. I was stunned that “he” would be utilizing and raving about energy work to me, his massage therapist. So I went to see what all his hype was about.

I thought it was ridiculous and a waste of my time and my money. I only booked a second appointment to be polite to the healer and had every intention of cancelling that second appointment until a few days later when I noticed a profound shift in my life.

A life event that would have normally sent me into what I always called my Tasmanian devil spin response🌪 did not. My response instead was calm, thoughtful, and deliberate.

My response was like water off a duck’s back 🦆😳

How could this be? The only thing that had changed in my life was that I had had one energy clearing session done. An energy clearing I thought was stupid and a waste of my time and money.


In that moment I knew something profound had shifted in the foundation of my being with that energy work + I was obsessed with integrating it into the healing journey of my own life.

Without an ounce of exaggeration, over the 20 years I’ve been receiving this work it has literally saved my life. It has supported me through the trials and tribulations of dying parents, elder care and an unwell spouse. Through shifts in so many relationships in my life and in accepting my own growth journey. It’s supported me through a complex business dissolution, a business restart, a home and business sale and integration into the next chapter of my life. It has helped me through every week of my life for 20 years. And it has helped hundreds of others in their lives that I’ve referred to this work too.

I wished I’d learned a lot more about it a lot sooner and integrated it into my 25-year massage therapy wellness practice. But I didn’t. I was a 20-year client of the work before the opportunity to become a student of it was an option for me.

Beginning Your Own Healing Journey

Now, know that I am not here to convince or sell you on this work. I know it works and I also know most humans walking this planet would benefit from it in some way in their own life. I am here to welcome your queries and your questions. I’m here to offer you an opportunity to try it, to see if this healing work that I am so passionate about and am now a practitioner of, can make a profound change in your life, like it has done in mine and in the lives of my clients.

The images in this post are of remote Energy Clearing sessions with me using The Mayson Method. This modality is based on energy psychology and quantum physics. Because everything in the Universe is energy, I tap into your energetic field and use manual muscle testing/applied kinesiology techniques to test your body for subconscious blocks, limiting beliefs, and unprocessed emotions. I then clear the blocks and limitations and rebalance your energy frequency so you are living optimally versus in stuck energy.

Each session is voice recorded and shared and includes an after-care routine to support your on-going healing journey between sessions.

I love that by using this work I can facilitate healing and unlock and release things that are holding you back without you having to spend umpteen hours talking and rehashing it all in therapy. Whether this is around trauma, emotions, pain, disorders, allergies, life purpose or anything else that is holding you back, this work is an express lane for healing and freedom.

I have just opened up appointments for May 2023. Visit the link below to book your sessions or shoot me a message with your questions and queries.

I can’t wait to support your healing journey 💙

Till next week,


Sharon xo

If you’re intrigued by the things I’m sharing here, because I’m Sharon 😉 I would love to share more about the offerings I have to help you live your best + most audacious life. Visit my website at or pop me an email or DM to say “tell me more”.



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