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To Fight or Not to Fight?

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I read a quote recently that really spoke to my soul and inspired a long period of musing, and now this blog post. The quote was:

And then one day she realized that some battles are best won by not fighting them so she stayed still and let things be.” - Breathingsofheart

For the first time in my life I am choosing to not battle, to not fight, to not war. When I look back in my life - as far back as I can see, I was a fighter. I think I had to be because of my childhood and it just became how I lived life. It was also what was mirrored to me by my parents who battled each other til they both died. We are what we see.

I always stood up for those who needed support in school. I wrote speeches on things that society did not want to hear speeches about when I was in college. I have waged several legal battles in my life over various things that just did not sit well with my conscience and my soul.

Until recently.

In the last several months I have chosen not to fight.

Recently a situation presented in my life where I needed to fight IF I wanted a different outcome than what was created. I needed to hire a lawyer, I needed to go to “battle” with my family. I needed to wage a war (again).

Old Sharon would have immediately phoned the lawyer and got all the things in motion.

New Sharon sat and observed.

In the sitting I was able to receive soul messages and God nudges.

I was able to tap into my body to see what it wanted versus what my mind wanted. You see, I know that my mind is always ready to battle because that’s what it’s always done ⚔️

In the sitting, I received the messages that this time I could just stay still and quiet and not battle. I could just let the outcome be as it was created to be from the grave. And as I record this I realize that the grave wanted me to battle AGAIN because that is what she always encouraged. That was how she, in the grave, chose to live her life until her very last breath, and to her detriment. And that is how she raised me to live my life. In battle, at war. Always. She wanted to depart this world leaving a battle to be waged so that the earth side relationships would remain warring. Her legacy was ongoing war.

Even without seeing that thread that just connected inside my soul now, I decided this time I would consciously decide. I would stay still and quiet, and I would not battle. In this I won. In this I broke the generational programming of warring and narcissism engrained in the DNA of our family tree.

I WON THIS BATTLE BECAUSE I CHOSE ME. I CHOSE PEACE. I CHOSE CALM. I CHOSE QUIET. I chose not to war or battle or fight. I chose me.

So I share this with you to ask is there an area in your life where you are waging a war (big or small)?

Is there an area of your life that is exhausting you, stressing you out, causing dis-ease in your body?

I am not here to tell you what to do, but I am here to ask you to look consciously at all the other options you have. To look at what is best for YOU. YOU are all that matters. Not the war or battle, and not those who expect you to war or battle. Just YOU.

Can you be quiet, stay still, await that inner guidance? Can you perhaps not battle this time and instead invest that time and that energy in taking the best care of you right now? I hope so. For you I truly hope so.

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