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What if Everyone is Doing Their Best?

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The "Never Enough" Mindset

If you know me outside of the blogosphere you know that my expectations are often “too” high.

I was raised in a family where the predominate belief was “never enough”. I was never thin enough, smart enough, pretty enough, my grades were never good enough, I never studied enough, my friends weren’t good enough, I didn’t save enough, I didn’t make enough, I didn’t plan enough. The list is utterly endless of my never-enoughness.

Now, in no way is this list a list of blame of my parents & grandparents. They didn’t know any better and they did their best with the tools they had at the time they were raising me. And they were raised and were raising me in a patriarchal culture where they and we were led to believe that no matter what we do, it is never ever enough.

During my lifetime I have of course heard people say and seen social media posts saying “what if everyone is doing their best”. Always my inner belief voice response would be “their best is never enough”.

Until recently when, I was in the middle of being a judgmental bitch about something or other that is likely completely insignificant, irrelevant, and more than likely none of my damned business, I was God-Smacked with the download: “what if everyone is doing their best?”

I stopped dead in my tracks upon receiving this download to realize this one was 100% FOR ME (because sometimes they are for others).

It was sharing with me that it was time to acknowledge and release the “never enough” belief that I had carried in my soul for my entire existence.

It was so profound that I actually created a mantra out of it. So anytime someone was complaining or gossiping or belittling someone else (as I had done) inside I would pause and remember: “what if everyone is doing their best”.

This has been another monumental shift for me.

I no longer spend hours and days ruminating in the spiral of thoughts that something, in someone else’s life, should be going any other way than as it is.

It is their one audacious life.

They are living it the best they can in their now moment.

It's Never Too Late to Shift a Mindset

If the “never good enough” thought pattern is one you were raised with please know that you can change it.

It takes work to pause and choose a different thought.

But it can be done and it is sooooooo worth the effort because when you can do it, with full belief in it, you drop into a beautiful calm acceptance of all that is happening around you and that everyone is doing the best they can today

Who doesn’t want more calm acceptance in their one audacious life?

For more mantras, affirmations, and inspiration stay tuned in to my social feeds (linked below). If you’re curious and thinking it’s time to do some work yourself, reach out directly so we can chat about ways that I can support you on your journey.


Sharon xo

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