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Why Do We Pose?

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I don’t know the answer to this wonder. So I’m asking you.

If you’ve been around here a while you’ve heard me reference a few times my fun girl’s trip last wintertime. If you’re new here I’ll quickly bring you up to speed, I travelled south with a group of four other women last wintertime. Two I knew well. Two I did not know. And, as you might imagine, WE HAD SO MUCH FUN.

One of the women recently re-shared these 2 images with our travel group:

We all agreed we know where we were sitting (in the lobby bar), but we don’t know what evening it was and we have no idea who took these photos. We messaged back and forth with so much emoji laughter about the second photo. What were we laughing at? What were each of us doing? It was absolutely hysterical.

But here’s the question it left me with that just won’t leave my heart and that I don’t know the answer to. Why do we pose? How do we pose? And I’m meaning bigger than a photograph but IN LIFE!

WHY do we pose? WHERE do we pose?

Who ever told us that we had to POSE in life? Who told us that (both in a photograph and in areas of our womanly life) we should sit prim and proper holding our drinks and smiling, and that that is “the way” that a photo should be taken and that life should be lived. WHO? Did they have any idea that in “the pose” ALL THE MAGIC IS MISSING?

The magic from the photographs.

The magic from one’s life.

The magic from one’s soul.


LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS! Seriously. Does the group in the first picture even look like they are having any fun at all? Yet the 2nd photo, taken only seconds later, really says it all. It sums up the entire holiday: fun, laughter, tears, sisterhood. It screams MAGIC.

The sharing of these photos and subsequent wonder has me looking at ALL things in my life and asking WHERE I "pose” and WHY, and WHO SAID TO, and WHO BENEFITS FROM IT? But really, truly, in my heart, mostly - WHY AM I STILL DOING THIS this late IN MY ONE AUDACIOUS LIFE?

Collecting a Lifetime of Magic Moments

I remain in deep reflection around this wondering and around photographs taken throughout my life. I wonder as I age do I want a collection of posed photos to view my life’s journey or do I want a collection of MAGIC MOMENTS caught in snap shots which embody the true essence of the moments being lived?

I invite you to join me in this reflection. Look at these photos. Look at your own photos. Look at your life and ask WHERE AM I POSING? WHY AM I POSING? WHO BENEFITS FROM MY POSING? And let me know in the comments if you have an answer because I sure as heck don’t 🤷‍♀️

If you’re ready to join me in the journey of living your life fully and un-posed, then I invite you to reach out! There are so many ways that I am here to support you: a solo Awakening Session where we’ll spend 90 minutes diving into your life. The Soul Sessions where we’ll spend 4 weeks working one-on-one with weekly calls + voice + text support. Or get on the wait list for my next Audacious Awakening 12-week Group Coaching Program where, in a community of women just like you, you will be supported on a soul dive into your own awakening journey with journaling, breath work, coaching tools and community.

Click the links above to learn more about each, and stay tuned here and on my social channels for more audacious goodness.


Sharon xo



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