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You May Not Want to Read This because You Can’t Un-know It

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If you would like to listen to this post, press play below:

You don’t know what you don’t know til you know.

The concept I’m about to share with you will be one of these pieces. A piece you know and can’t un-know so listen on at your own risk…. ⚠

Do you believe everything you hear? Of course you don’t.

Well I hope you don’t. I shouldn’t make that assumption about you (or anyone). But you are here in my orbit, so I do hope that my assumption is correct.

One of the biggest gifts I have gifted to myself in the last several years is the concept of querying things when I hear them from any and all sources.

When I hear concepts that include the key words of:

  • They

  • Most

  • All

  • Everyone

  • Should

  • Stay safe (and anything that induces any fear at all)

With all of these words my red alert system gets triggered and I go into query mode.

They - who are they?

Most - who are most?

All - who is all? Really, all?

Everyone - who is everyone? Really, everyone?

Should - who says?

Stay safe - is there imminent danger in front of me?

Empowerment through Enquiry

I have begun to question all news and all advice, like a 2 year old.

I have begun to query and do my own research, looking at all possible sides.

I have begun to query the status quo and acceptability of almost everything.

The more I do that, the more empowered I feel in my decision-making processes.

Yes maybe “they” are correct. Maybe “most” or “all” or “everyone” are doing it and maybe I should too - or maybe I should not. “Should” I? Is that in my best and highest interest?

Media, politics, medicine and big pharma are on the front of my radar for all these words especially as we come out of the period of time of covid responses.

We need to be vigilant with our minds.

We can see now, with hindsight, that we were “all” led and encouraged to believe and follow “everyone”.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t have and I’m not saying we should have, I’m saying we would be best served in our own life to be mindful of what we hear. To question “they”, “most”, “all”, “everyone”, “should”, and all fear mongering and make our own decisions for our own lives.


Sharon xo

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