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Your Audacious Awakening was designed for you to step into your truest self and shine as the bright and power-filled woman you were born to be.

If you are here you’ve been hearing the call for MORE in your life. More self love, more self compassion, more personal freedom, more joy, and more authenticity.

I believe that every woman longs for MORE SELF in her life.
That MORE is available for YOU.

We are drawn by the desires of our hearts and souls to a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us. Yet we struggle to create the flow and aliveness that comes with deep transformation.

During this 12-week Audacious Awakening journey, we will unravel those blocks to reveal your full potential, finding ways to feel more present, happy and free while having a greater impact through a life that you love. 

You will receive all of the tools and learn the techniques that you need to add more meaning, purpose and joy into your life every single day!

Your Audacious Awakening Journal

Each participant of the Audacious Awakening program will receive this thoughtfully custom curated, 250+ page journal. It is a major piece of the program; your sacred go-to tool, where you record your inner work, your reflections, your desires, and your revelations.
This will be your own safe space as you journey towards your awakening.
Don't wait to register!  

Your Audacious Awakening Journey begins when you say YES
Calls are twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm for 12 full weeks.  

All calls are recorded if you can’t be on live or you wish to re-watch.

Enrolment is limited to 10 women at a time to ensure an intimate setting


  • 12 weeks of the Audacious Awakening program, including:
  • a uniquely curated journal to help guide you on your awakening journey
  • a safe, supportive community where you journey alongside like-minded women also hearing the call for MORE.
  • two live calls a week:
    • one awakening coaching call where we will take a deeper journey into a specific area of understanding
    • one soul call for journal group, guided meditation, embodiment work, Q+A session


  • all materials from tier one
  • one-on-one coaching once a month (for a total of three sessions)
  • specialized breath work + personalized guided meditation
  • access to Sharon via WhatsApp + Facebook Messenger for personal support throughout your journey (within TBD business hours)
  • a safe, supportive community where you journey alongside like-minded women also hearing the call for MORE.


  • all materials from tier one + two
  • a Mayson Method* energy healing session once a month (for a total of three sessions)
  • a safe, supportive community where you journey alongside like-minded women also hearing the call for MORE.

If a payment plan is desired you can reach out by email & we can get you set up with a payment option that works for you.

* Learn more about the Mayson Method,

Audacious Additions

Program participants have the option of adding extra individual sessions as needed. Contact Sharon directly to book any additions.
  • What is the time commitment? 
    15 minutes per day plus 2 one hour calls per week.
  • How much access do I get to Sharon?
    You will have group access to Sharon during each of the one-hour calls to ask questions. More access is available with the upgrade to Tier 2 or Tier 3 if you desire additional support, which is highly recommended and invaluable for your Audacious Awakening journey.
  • Will course materials/recordings be accessible after the program?
    Yes your Audacious Awakening Journal is yours forever. You will also have lifetime access to the recordings and to the private Facebook group.
  • What will I walk away with after this program is complete?
    A greater and truer sense of your truest self. You will be walking in your world awakened to your own thought and belief patterns and be able to recognize those in others and society as a whole. You will be able to source your inner wisdom and guidance easily. You will have invaluable tools that you are confident utilizing daily in your life to continue to grow and expand on your life’s awakening journey.
  • How do I know if this program is right for me?
    You already know inside you. You may read the description and feel an instant WHOLE BODY YES to it, in which case that’s a YES 🙌🏼. If you are uncertain or have questions, you are invited to book a call through the Calendly link to discuss them directly with Sharon.
  • How can I prepare for the program?
    Commit to yourself to be ALL IN on it and to do the work your body is calling you to do on this journey. Bring a favourite pen, an open heart and compassion and gratitude for yourself and your life journey to date.
  • What if I cannot attend live sessions?
    All sessions will be recorded and shared in the Private Facebook Group for viewing.
  • What if I want additional support outside of the program?
    If you desire additional support, you are invited to consider upgrading to Tier 2 or Tier 3, which is highly recommended and invaluable for your Audacious Awakening journey. You can also book private one-on-one coaching sessions with Sharon, where you will be guided specifically on the issues in your Audacious Awakening journey.
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