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My Authenticity Crisis

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Rocking the Boat

My recent solo silent retreat shone a bright light on something in my life.


It illuminated that I was having an authenticity crisis. I was still hiding, same-ing, small-ing + silencing myself.

It illuminated that I was still doing all of that to “fit in”. To not rock the boat. To not upset anyone. And to people please everyone. (And at this point in my long life I don’t even know what boat I’m rocking or what people I think I’m pleasing because there aren’t any 🤷‍♀️)

But I’m at a stage of my awakening where I know I don’t fit in + I don’t want to care about fitting in anymore. I’m learning to be okay with + in fact I’m learning to love my uniqueness. My Sharon-ness.

You see….

I love that I worship My God + Goddesses + the stars + the moon + the darkness + the light.

I love that I can read a chapter of The Bible + pull an oracle card all in one morning ritual sitting.

I love that I have a morning ritual.

I love that I walk barefoot in nature + that I love to skinny dip too.

I love that I dance around a fire on a full moon (sometimes naked).

I love that I stand arms spread wide in the winds that Mother Nature kicks up to blow away anything from my life that’s no longer serving me.

I love that I hate having any barrier between myself + Mother Earth’s gifts - earth, water, wind + fire.

I love that I love to write, record + guide women in blogs + breath works that invite her to know her true self, to find her true JOY (more on that next week 😉).

I love that I love to help + heal others + now do it with my writing, my voice + my soul’s complete energy capacity, instead of only with my hands 🙌

I love that I’m inspired to lead + heal from this place. To share all of my gifts, all of my passions + all of my truths.

I love that as I awaken further, I choose to share ALL OF ME.

Illuminating my Future

I believe that we change with every inhale + every exhale + I’m seizing all of that change + every single breath + all that I do now + all that I will do in my future.

If this declaration ignites something in your soul, stirs something in your heart + you’re ready to live more fully + completely as YOU, then join me in the journey of living your fullest life.

There are so many ways that I can support you: a solo Awakening Session where we’ll spend 90 minutes diving into how you can begin to awaken in your life. The Soul Sessions where we’ll spend 4 weeks working one-on-one together with weekly calls + voice + text support. If you’re craving community, get on the wait list for my next Audacious Awakening 12-week Group Coaching Program where, in a community of women just like you, you will be led on your own soul awakening journey + be supported with weekly calls, community, text + voice support, journaling + guided breath works.

If you have other ways you are craving support that aren’t covered in my offerings, I am always open to co-creating something unique for you! Click the links below to learn more!

And if you missed reading my Solo Silent Retreat blog you can click here to check it out! It got so much beautiful support from women like you. I think you’ll really love it too!

Stay tuned for more goodness on my social channels + in these blog posts.


Sharon xo



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