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Ways to Work with Me

Are you ready to step towards living in ALIGNMENT with your deepest desires?


In a single one-on-one coaching session, I utilize guided breath work, reflective journaling, soul and mindset coaching, and Mayson Method energy healing to guide you on an inward journey to enable you to begin to access, see, and clear the inner space and open the doors of your mind, body, and soul to the MORE that you desire. 


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Are you ready to dive into a TRANSFORMATIVE journey?


The Soul Sessions include four weeks of one-on-one coaching sessions where I guide you on a journey of intimate soul coaching, focusing on what truly resonates with your innermost self. Whether you desire to enhance your relationship with self or others, nurture the mind-body-soul connection, cultivate fulfilling relationships, establish boundaries, navigate emotions, or seek clarity in your life, this program is designed to dive deep into YOUR audacious journey.


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Are you ready to awaken and live your one Audacious life? 


Coming from a place of truth, we can shine our light brightly in the world, and live from our truest self. This 12-week AUDACIOUS AWAKENING program will provide you with all of the tools to help you hear that call for MORE, as well as support on your journey of self-discovery and growth.

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Are you ready to release limitations and live a limitless life?

The Mayson Method is a powerful technique for eliminating negative emotions, physical pain, limiting beliefs and ancestral patterns. You can recover your actual, limitless, fully possible being by letting go of the trauma and limiting ideas.​

The Mayson Method energy healing kit

Client Love

Client Love

She has so many brilliant ideas! Lovely & important work. Grateful to Sharon for this unique opportunity to add tools to my tool box. Thank you so very much!


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