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Do You Ever Wonder WHY?

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Do you ever wonder WHY we do + believe the things we do and believe?

There are endless examples, but let's start with why we celebrate the New Year on January 1st. Have you ever wondered that?

This wonderment dropped into my soul right after Christmas as the hype around resolution/intention setting + of the end of year began to escalate. I don’t know why but my soul wasn’t feeling the pull to move into 2023 on January 1. So with my mindset tools I began to wonder + question WHY we do what we do on this day.

Some research led me to find out that we only celebrate the New Year on January 1 because the Gregorian calendar says so. A calendar that was created in the 1500’s by Pope Gregory because he didn’t like the 13 month Julian calendar that was being observed in that era because it didn’t calculate the date of Easter + many other things. So it was adopted by the Catholic Church + then Catholic countries + then eventually globally, by most.

MOST…. That was my key word. 🔑

My intuition was spurring me to look at the others. Even though I didn’t know why, my inquiring mind had to know + it became a momentary fixation.

I dug in + looked into the other New Year options :

January 1 - Gregorian calendar 📅💥

January 22 - Lunar New Year - Sun Earth cycle ☀️🌍

January 22 - Chinese New Year 🧧🐇

March 21 - Astrological New Year - Cosmic + Nature cycle - Equinox 💫🌱

July 26 - Mayan New Year - Galactic 🪐

September 15 - Jewish New Year ✡️

YOUR OWN birth date - Soul Spirit Cycle based on your yearly medicine wheel evolution cycle Sun, Earth + Moon transits ☀️🌍🌙

SO MANY OPTIONS! Fascinating, right? Have you considered any of these others? Or all of them?

I now am…. because it became clear to me on January 1 WHY that day was not going to be my New Year - because I woke up sick that morning . Nothing grave, but definitely nothing worth celebrating + definitely NOT a time to turn my energy toward the setting of new intentions for my coming year. My energies needed to be poured into becoming well.

So here I am, on the other side of sickness, feeling well + inviting you to THINK more about ALL that you think about.

Get curious 🧐

Look into things 📚💻🎧

Weigh other options by how they FEEL for your one audacious life ⚖️

Then based on all of that choose the one that’s best for you.

Maybe January 1 is your favourite + you choose to continue forward celebrating your New Year on January 1. That’s awesome! You do it with thought, consideration + decision based on the feelings of your soul. NOT just because this society says so.

If this wonder made you wonder, it’s things like this - why we think what we think + ensuring it’s truly aligned for our soul - that I’ll be diving into in my new Audacious Awakening Program launching in February! Join me to open yourself to a whole new, soul-aligned world. You can find all the details at


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