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Lessons from Shock and Grief

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One of my God-gifted powers that, through my own healing and growth journey, I have fine tuned and turned into a super power, is moving into and through the hurt and pain of a life situation towards it’s lessons quickly. Not with any card for an emotional-bypass (queue another blog post topic) but by sitting, witnessing, learning, and moving beyond the hurt and pain.

A couple of weeks ago I opened up my Facebook feed to read that a mentor of mine had died. I was stunned and in complete disbelief. I Googled and my disbelief turned to immense sadness. Dave Hollis was a healthy, fit 47 year old with four young kiddos and his sudden death from cardiac arrest was an absolute shock to all who knew him or who were mentored and inspired by him (like me🙋‍♀️).

I sat in the sadness of his sudden and shocking passing knowing that there were lessons in it for me, but I had to wait for the clarity on what they were.

They did come and they gifted me some sad realizations that I’ll share here in hopes they can inspire a shift in you. Don’t worry, you won’t need a tissue, but I do hope it will cause you pause and to reflect.

If I’m really honest with you I would say that I didn’t really like Dave Hollis when I first learned of him in his (then) wife’s best-selling book. Her book-shares and the shares of others I respected in my circles at that time clouded my opinion of him.

BUT as I learned under the tutelage of Dave and The Hollis Co., the opinions of others are none of my business and those opinions were definitely none of my business because what I came to learn about Dave Hollis (and witness myself when in his orbit at 2 conferences, multiple coaching sessions and book clubs) was that he was truly an epic human. One of the best.

💙 He was always a champion for every single person who was striving for more no matter what it was and or where their starting line was.

💙 He was always encouraging those (like me) who didn’t believe in themselves to try anyway. Especially women 🙌🏻 (which I will add is unique for men).

💙 Dave was always honest. About his successes but also about the very real struggles in his own life. He shared his heart and when he couldn’t share his heart anymore he shared that too and stepped away with so much grace and humility and only one ask, that he be lifted up in prayer as he had lifted his community up daily.

The life-changing lessons I learned from Dave’s Earth life, and now posthumously, that I wish to thank him for are as follows:

  • Other people's opinions (about anything) are none of my business and that I should only ever create my opinions from my own experiences and knowledge. If I had have never been open to hearing him speak when the opportunity presented, I would never have formed my own opinion of him and moved from dislike to reverence of him.

  • My voice and my words matter and I should use them to take up the space that I was born to take up here on Earth. Although I was so sad about his death, I wrote a beautiful post for my personal social media page, but it took me days to share it because I thought “who am I to share my thoughts and words? I’m not family nor an influencer”. Heck, I only met him in real life on two occasions. It’s not like we had a “real relationship.” But Dave’s impact in my life was “real” even if it was mostly virtual. Dave taught me all relationships hold value.

  • He also taught me that we should always take the time to say thank you when we can - whether that’s in person, by personal note or a quick text message. Do it, before it’s too late. I really wished that I had sent Dave a text message to say “hey, thanks for the changes you are creating in my mind and my life, you are an epic human and I need you to know that.” But I didn’t. Til it was too late.

So, from my lessons on shock and grief, with love, I ask you to ponder:

  • Where in your life are you allowing the opinions that others have shared with you to impact your perceptions and life?

  • Where are you holding back, making yourself small, not sharing your opinions, your voice and your gifts? Where are you not taking up the space you were born to take up here on Earth?

  • Who do you need to thank for anything, big or small, in your one audacious life?

Now we can both thank Dave. 💙



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