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How do you start your day?

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How do you start your day?

No really. How do you start your day?

I don’t mean with coffee or tea, the newspaper, tv or social media.

I mean from the moment that your body BEGINS to awaken from your sweet sleep state. When the feeling of sleep gently begins to fall away + the awareness that you are here on Earth for another amazing day begins to trickle in. It’s likely before your sleeping breath changes, before a muscle twitches or before the light of a new day peeks in behind your eye lids.

There is a sweet spot in that moment 💙

It’s a sweet spot I have recently learned about + learned how to access for my benefit from a mentor + as my mentor promised, accessing that sweet spot has been a game changer for my entire day. So much so that I now lovingly call that moment of time my awakening sweet spot.

Before this awareness of this awakening time I used to bound out of bed to the sound of clicking nails on the floor + a flurry of “its a new day” energy from my dogs to get their morning started, I’d pop the kettle on, argue with the mind to NOT touch my phone til later (some days it won, some days I won), I’d feed the dogs, let them back outside again, then pour my hot lemon water to cleanse my body as I began MY day (vs the dogs day) + I’d begin my morning ritual of embodiment practices, journaling, motivational reading (whatever called to my soul on that particular morning).

And, I’ll be honest, I thought I was doing a pretty good job of starting my day, until my mentor suggested pausing for a breath or 2 to access that awakening sweet spot. Since I’m the queen of all things awakening 😉 + I listen to + respect my mentors, I thought I’ll listen to her + give this a try. So I did.


In the haze of that awakening sweet spot there is incredible + valuable information we can access by asking ourselves 3 simple questions. 🤟

By asking these 3 questions when we aren’t awake yet, our body intuitively answers + each answer becomes a guidepost for the journey of our entire day. The answers are top of mind, because they are the first things we think in our day during our awakening time. (Seriously, how cool is that? It becomes a priority because we think it first.)

At the end of our day our body feels like it is “one” (it has been heard, it has been considered + it has been respected etc) + we journeyed through our day in union with our body instead of blazing through our day wondering at the end of it why we feel how we usually feel at the end of a day (crappy, depleted, exhausted, starving, angry, frustrated, behind - you insert your usual end of day words here…)

So are you ready to try this out in your one audacious life?

I promise you it’s life changing. I know because I have been using it for several months now + I’ve been loving it.

There is no right or wrong order to ask these questions.

There is no right or wrong answer to these questions.

There is no shame, guilt or judgement.

There is just information or data as I lovingly call it.

And for the love of all things audacious, DO NOT OVERRIDE THE ANSWER WITH THE MIND. Accept the answer with love + gratitude for the gift of it.

The key is to ask one question, pause, wait for the first word that pops into the mind (because that is your intuitive soul answer) + accept the answer. Then move on to the next question.

Okay. Are you ready?

The 3 questions to ask (in any order you choose) are:

  1. How am I emotionally today?

  2. How am I physically today?

  3. How am I mentally today?

Try asking each of these each day for a week + see what answers come. Notice how just having an awareness of each answer impacts the journey of your day. If you like, you can make a mental note of each answer or you can pop it into your journal to record it.

There will be a Part II to this blog post that I’ll share next week of what to do with the answers your soul gives you. But again, for this week, just focus on asking the questions + listening for the first word to pop into the mind knowing + trusting it is your intuitive soul answer.

Let me know how it’s going for you + if you have any questions simply shoot me an email or get into my DM’s on the socials linked below.

Are you intrigued by the things I’m sharing here? Because I’m Sharon 😉, I would love to share more about the offerings I have to help you live your best, most audacious life. Visit my website or pop me an email or DM asking “tell me more”.

Till next week,


Sharon xo



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