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How to Elevate your Awakening Practice

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Continuing the practice of a positive awakening

Good morning, good morning, good morning…. Are you in the groove of a juicy awakening sweet spot practice now?

Each day in that space between sleep + wake have you asked yourself:

  1. How am I emotionally today?

  2. How am I physically today?

  3. How am I mentally today?

Each day have you journeyed through your day with an awareness of your soul’s intuitive answers to each question?

How has that guided your day?

Did you completely let the 3 answers go when you rolled over, got out of bed + moved into your day? Or, were you able to keep those 3 answers in the mind as you journeyed through your day, using them as a guide post on your day’s journey?

As you know, neither answer is right or wrong. It’s just information or data.

Are you ready to next level your awakening sweet spot?

Of course you are + I can’t wait to share how ….. 🙌🏼 🙌🏼 🙌🏼

To next level this morning practice we ask what each part of us needs today.

So it may look something like this:

Lets say you ask yourself “How am I emotionally today? And the answer your soul gives you is something like: raw or vulnerable. You can then ask “How can I best support you today?” And see what comes up as your intuitive soul answer (remember its the first word(s)). It may be something like: be kind, be gentle or don’t call your Mother. It really truly can be THAT specific.

Then you move to ask “How am I physically today?” And the answer your soul gives you may be something like: rested or exhausted. You then ask “How can I best support you today?” If it was exhausted your body may say drink more water, take a nap, eat a particular food etc. If you are rested the answer may be “get that much sleep again tonight.”

Then you’d move to ask “How am I mentally today?” The intuitive answer your soul gives may be something like: frazzled or exhausted or calm. You then ask “How can I best support you today?” If it was frazzled your soul may ask for regular pauses in your day to take an intentional breath + check back in, or maybe 10 intentional breaths each hour. If you are mentally exhausted your soul may ask that you not overtax it today with particular things.

Now of course its ideal to live your day abiding by the intuitive answers you receive BUT that is not always doable or practical in one’s “real life” day (+ I know that too, because I too live a real life).

What I invite you to do is to do your best. Perhaps checking back in with your answers as the day progresses. Asking your soul “How are we doing here?” “What do you need right now?” You may get different direction at that time.

The more you can live abiding by + in union with your soul’s intuitive answers the more open, honest + guiding your soul + intuition will be. If each day you ask it but then ignore every answer + never check during the day you will not be building a trusting relationship with your intuition + soul. Treat it + respect it like it’s your very best friend, because it is 💙

If your day goes sideways give it some TLC in the evening + let it know you’ll do your best to do better tomorrow. And then do that. There is no lying to your soul. It is your truth.

How to check in with your inner self

Now, you may be wondering how do you check in with your soul throughout your day? Well beautiful, that answer is going to make you laugh out loud… And this may be to much information for you but, if you’ve been here for a while, you know I tell it like it is, so, here goes…

I often will do a pause + an intentional breath + check in with my soul to see how its doing when I’m in the bathroom 🚽 (LOL).

This is my T R U T H.

It’s somewhere I visit often, it’s usually quiet, I can take a beat in my day + check things I need to check in my soul. At this moment of life the bathroom is a great place for me 🚽

Maybe you visit a coffee maker or water supply many times a day so you could also do it then. I invite you to do it often + to habit stack it with something you’re already doing so it doesn’t feel like “one more thing” in your day (even though it is 😉)

So give this a go, adding this Part II to last week’s Part I + let me know how it’s going for you OR if you have any questions OR you just want to send me a LOL to the whole 🚽 share above, shoot me an email or get into my DM’s on socials linked below.

If you’re intrigued by the things I’m sharing here, because I’m Sharon 😉 I would love to share more about the offerings I have to help you live your best + most audacious life. Visit my website at or pop me an email or DM to say “tell me more”.

Till next week,


Sharon xo



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