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If You Want to Change the World...

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“If you want to change the World, go home and love your family.”

- Mother Theresa

This was a beautiful quote of Mother Theresa’s that I love + I kept seeing circulating on social media on Family Day weekend in Canada.

But I believe there is a step that the incredible Mother Theresa missed in this instructional quote.

So, if I could humbly offer a re-write on it, I would re-write it to say:

“If you want to change the world, love yourself fully + completely, then go home and love your family and this world.”

- Sharon Black (inspired by the quote of Mother Theresa)

What I believe to be true is that we can not give to others what we do not have within ourself. 🤯

And therefore, if we do not love ourself fully + completely, we can not love anyone outside of ourself. 💙

So I ask you how is your self love?

Is it 100%?

Is it 50%?

Are there some cracks in the foundation of your self love?

Can you see the cracks?

Can you work on healing + repairing them?

If you’re unsure + missed (or want to revisit) my 14 Day Self Love Soul Journey the videos have been stored in a SELF LOVE highlight bubble on my Instagram profile.

If you aren’t on Instagram, there is a list at the bottom of this post for each of the 14 days, shared with you again with love 💙 xo


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Sharon xo


DAY 1: Find a photo that you love of yourself. Use that photo as your screen saver. Each time you open your phone, look at that photo + give it some love: tell her she’s beautiful, magnificent + you love her

DAY 2: Write yourself a love note directed at a part of your body you love (heart, hair, hands, feet, eyes) reflecting on how amazing they are + how hard they’ve worked to get you to here

DAY 3: Treat yourself to something that is a favourite + delectable thing that you can savor with love for yourself (fancy beverage, food, flowers)

DAY 4: Write down 3 things that you really love about yourself

DAY 5: Dance to a favourite piece of music your younger you loved

DAY 6: Turn off your devices for 2 hours + enjoy the quiet of yourself

DAY 7: Place your hand on your heart centre, breathe in deeply through nose + out through the mouth while repeating to yourself: “I am perfect + enough exactly as I am. I love me”

DAY 8: Look at the incredible women relationships you have in your life + the qualities each of those women have. Acknowledge those qualities are a mirror of the qualities that are within you + love yourself up for them

DAY 9: How did you desire to be loved today? Did you receive that love you desired? If there is a gap, what can you do to fill that gap with love of/for yourself? Do that!

DAY 10: Look in a mirror, directly into your eyes + say out loud “I LOVE YOU” several times a day

DAY 11: Affirmations are an incredible way to build your muscle of self love. Here are some of my favourites. Borrow any that resonate for your. Say them to yourself out loud or silently in your mind. Write them on the mirrors in your home, office + car. Post them on post-it-notes everywhere that you can see. Create reminders in the calendar of your phone that will appear with the affirmations you love + are working to deepen your belief of. Create mantras out of any of them. Record them in a voice memo that you can play back for yourself to hear.

I love myself.

I love my body.

I love my mind.

I love who I am.

I am beautiful inside + out.

I am strong.

I trust myself.

I am perfect exactly as I am.

I am becoming the best version of me.

I reclaim my power.

I am a shield that negativity bounces off of.

I control my life.

Everything is working out for me.

I am peace + peace is my superpower.

DAY 12: Left hand on heart centre, breathe in + out + ask yourself what do I really need today? The first answer that pops to your mind is your answer. Perhaps its extra rest, solitude, company, time in nature, reading, nourishment. Whatever it is - gift that to yourself.

DAY 13: What can you say NO to today so you can say YES to what you need to do to love yourself more?

DAY 14: which of the above challenges was the biggest challenge for you? REPEAT THAT ONE DAILY! Anything that is a big challenge for us, we need to do more of xo



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