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The Joy of Missing Out: Learning to Listen to My Body

a group of women friends on vacation taking a photo in a resort pool

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Trouble in Paradise

Last month I went away on a nine day vacation with four other women to the sunny south. 😎

It was amazing. We laughed. We cried. We listened. We indulged too much in too much. And we laughed some more. We shared stories of triumphs + of trials. It. Was. Amazing.

Until it wasn’t.

I don’t know what happened… but one morning I woke up + felt so completely overwhelmed + anxious. How could this be? I was on a tropical island. At a lovely all-inclusive resort, with amazing women + nothing to do at all. I had my own room + a lovely balcony to enjoy BUT something was off for me. I was feeling overwhelmed + anxious + I recognized it.

Using the technique I spoke about in a prior blog, the awakening questions, I knew what I needed to do because I asked my body. BUT what my body wanted made me so anxious + overwhelmed that I was too nervous to actually act on its request. All I could think was “what will they think?"

So for over an hour I fretted + worried about just that.

What will they think? What will they say? What will they do? Will they be okay? 🙄

The answer my body gave me was to spend the day alone.


Apart from the group in the middle of a group girls trip 😳

ALONE was what my body was craving + needing + it was NOT going to undo the twisted knot in my gut until I listened to it (+ I knew from prior experiences like this 😉).

So once I realized that there was no way around my body’s ask + got over myself + my worry of what to say + what they would all think, I typed the dreaded text + said “girls, I’m listening to my body this morning + what it’s needing is a solo day to take care of myself. I’ll have my phone off + I’ll see you at our dinner reservation tonight”.

And I pressed send 📲

Taking the Leap

You know what happened to my body once I pressed send?

It began to dream about what IT wanted to do for the next 12 hours.

It stopped worrying about all the things it was worrying about just a few moments before, because all of that was out of my control anyway.

(I know I can’t control how people see me or perceive me because they do it through the lense + stories + journey of their life, which I am completely unaware of but I often need to remind myself of.)

My body relaxed. It found inner peace. It found joy. It was actually pretty damned giddy about the prospect of 12 hours to myself in silence, in the tropics.

My body wondered: What will I do? Where will I sit? How silent can I actually be all day today?

You know what didn’t happen?

The world didn’t stop turning.

The other 4 women had a great day together.

When we gathered later that night they shared their stories of their day + I smiled + laughed hearing about them all.

I had no FOMO (fear of missing out). I actually had JOMO (joy of missing out) + GOMO (gratitude of missing out) because I had taken optimal care of me.

It was another amazing lesson for me. Its something that I can do easily with my husband BUT not something I have done easily with friends, especially in a situation like that.

It’s definitely something I will do again, when my body calls me to do so.

Listening to Your Body

So, my advice to you here + now is to ask your body what it needs each + every day. Then listen to it. Act on its advice. Trust that it knows whats best for you + that everything else will fall into the best place for others around you affected by your body’s instructions. They may not understand. They may not like it. They may question it. But know that it is what is right + true for you in that moment + that on the flip side of listening to your body is so much amazingness + joy + growth for you + for others.

JOMO + GOMO. Trust them.

If you’re intrigued by the things I’m sharing here, because I’m Sharon 😉 I would love to share more about the offerings I have to help you live your best + most audacious life. Visit my website at or pop me an email or DM to say “tell me more”.

Till next week,


Sharon xo


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